Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wow, this is my 6,500 th post on this blog...amazing !

I've really worked hard on the blog over the last 4 seasons ..but 6,500 posts was an amazing milepost.

So you ask ..what are my favorite posts ?? I LOVE .."Go ask Dallas " series where I answer readers questions. I've even been contacted by authors and newspapers for information.
You can see all of them HERE

I love the travelogues and posts from the many trips I've taken to Louisiana and California with fellow fans of the show.
You can see them HERE

I love the Super Secret Sookie Stackhouse short stories and what I've written about them
You can see HERE

Thanks for reading ..what's your favorite post(s) ??

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Rita said...

Well i love Meredith,Mark,Jef,Brian and
Andy! Your music videos and the radio talk show.

" Dallas " said...

Thanks Rita !!