Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion Review

Readers of this blog know how much I love the companion and no gushes about it in much the same way...

The Review

This is a true companion book to a great urban fantasy series! Honestly, if – after having read the above-mentioned description – you are not intrigued, what can I say? Edited by Charlaine Harris herself this book offers the ultimate guide to the “Sookieverse” and it is set out in such a way that it will please even the most hardcore fans out there.
There is a map of Bon Temps quickly followed by a brand new 76 pages long novella by Charlaine Harris narrating the adventurous nature of Sam’s bother’s wedding! And then the real fun begins with the inclusion of many interesting and fascinating things about Sookie and her life. Most importantly and strategically placed the companion related material starts with a timeline featuring all the books up till Dead Reckoning. This concordance has enough details to answer many questions but not as much as to kill the suspense, especially for those who would love to reread the books. It also features exclusive secret dialogues between Bill and Eric that will have you laughing a lot!

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Rita said...

Hope to have mine next week,can't wait.

" Dallas " said...

Rita you will just love it!