Sunday, September 25, 2011

True Blood and True Life from Psychology Today

I just spent the week with Sookie Stackhouse in Bon Temps, Louisiana. I had never seen an episode of True Blood until six days ago when I watched episode 1 season 1 on HBOGO on my ipad. Yesterday, I left Sookie screaming in the Finale of Season 4.
Why was I sucked into Bon Temps, Louisiana and its inhabitants for a week, like a V addiction? And why was this immersion so satisfying?
Perhaps its because Bon Temps and the characters of True Blood are a metaphor for the diversity of life itself and our means of meandering through it. Here's what I see in True Blood.
1. A role model in Sookie Stackhouse - a person who is transparent - her outward actions align with inward intentions. When Sookie sees injustice, she acts regardless of the risk. She knows herself - what she deems right and wrong - and acts in accord with it. Deception is not part of her repertoire unless it's used to save someone she loves.
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Rita said...

AMAEN! To some body that really get the
show for understanding for what it is
and not something stupid,but looking at
life from a different world.Same problems
just viewed in people and cretures in

Rita said...

Sorry i miss spelled Amen did not realise
it at the time.

linda said...

"I love seeing my world through the eyes of Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam and the rest of Bon Temps."
This is a great article, thanks.