Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'True Blood' Season Finale Recap: Night of the Living Dead

In its four seasons, the only thing that's remained predictable about True Blood is that nothing is ever as it seems. Alan Ball, a master of twists and turns, has succeeded in leaving his audience salivating for Season Five with "And When I Die." Although Sookie makes her long-awaited choice between Bill and Eric, and Marnie's control over Bon Temps is finally vanquished, we are left with very little resolution as Season Four closes out, and a multitude of cliffhangers pepper the story lines. Long-lost villains from seasons past (Russell Edgington! Steve Newlin! Rene!) are creeping their way back into the lives of Bon Temps' residents, only hinting at the evil to come. And as the episode title teased, death is a prominent visitor in this season finale, with Jesus making the ultimate sacrifice to save the man he loves – and Tara doing the same to protect Sookie. The creatures of the True Blood universe took one hell of a beating this season, but it looks like it was just a warm-up to the terror that awaits them in Season Five.
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