Friday, September 2, 2011

True Blood’s Chris Bauer on His Limited Screen Time, Andy Bellefleur’s Ancestry, and V’s Real-Life Drug Equivalent

Will Bon Temps’ local sheriff and resident V-addict Andy Bellefleur finally get clean? Last week’s intervention episode had us feeling hopeful — and gave us insight into why Andy is the way he is (he grew up with a lot of money and no love). But when we spoke with actor Chris Bauer, we felt unsettled enough to ask him what fate awaits his troubled character: Will he finally sober up and be the hero? Of course Bauer couldn’t give us the firm "yes" we wanted to hear, but he kindly indulged our theories, and shared his thoughts on True Blood’s Emmy shutout, his limited screen time, and V’s real-life drug equivalent.
What did you think of your big intervention episode?
You know, it feels so good just to get a few extra minutes of screen time.
Is that frustrating, to share screen time with so many actors?
It could be a lot worse. But in such a good scenario, yeah, that’s what’s hard about it. I still have the challenge of trying to do the best work I can, whether I have to do that with one syllable or five scenes. At least that’s how I console myself.

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