Friday, October 28, 2011

Check Out Pam From ‘True Blood’ As Maleficent

Are you guys watching "Once upon a time " and "Grim" ??

Let’s hope this evil witch loves Cartier as much as Pam

Kristin Bauer has endeared herself to many a horror fan with her impressively deadpan portrayal of Vampire Pam on HBO’s ‘True Blood.’ Let’s see if she can hit that evil woman sweet spot as well for the fantasy crowd with her upcoming turn as Maleficent on ABC’s new show “Once Upon A Time.”
Bauer will be making her debut as the witch (and “Sleeping Beauty’s tormenter”) on the upcoming October 30 episode of the show. From the look of these recently released publicity photos, it looks like Mal’s trademark horn headpiece is in tact, but the rest of the look differs from the Disney version quite a bit.