Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stephen Moyer : He's got the bite stuff

Out for blood?
Nope, but perhaps just out for some "poppyrock-jive-jazzy-fusion," as Stephen Moyer once dubbed the kind of music he used to make with his old band, and which there may or may not have been some of at the music shop he was spotted at in Toronto not too long ago.
The austere leading vampire from True Blood. Unincognito. In Toronto. At Steve's. On Queen. That would be the audiophile institution that's also a Sherwood Forest of hanging guitars. And before he could even really find where the "poppy-rocky-jive-jazzyfusion" section, he was recognized, pawed, lured into a say-cheese. Browsing, postHBO-stardom? Clearly not what it used to be.

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linda said...

Thanks for the article Dallas. I've always wondered if by chance I run into my #1: Stephen, would I go up to him for a photo? Probably not because i'd be so nervouse and also he's bothered so much already I would not want to add to it.