Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas message from Charlaine Harris

This isn’t an original idea, but it’s one I’m going to emphasize. From now until Christmas, we’re going to be in hurry, hurry, hurry and panic, panic, panic, mode. We may spend and eat too much. We may be determined our house will be perfect for the holidays, and we may be convinced that we have to have a huge pile of gifts under the Christmas tree.

None of that is necessary. You know that, right?

In a year, who will remember that your house was perfectly clean and orderly for the holiday? Who will remember that every single item on the wish list wasn’t under the tree? No one. Unless you have some seriously odd relatives.

Here’s my suggestion: make a ritual of necessity. When you wrap gifts, put on Christmas music. Make sure the house is as empty as you can get it. Assemble everything you’ll need. While you wrap, think about the people you’re giving to, and why you’re giving them a gift. I guarantee you’ll be happier.

When you clean your home, set aside some time to do it and give it that time and no more. Don’t make yourself crazy, and delegate. Enlist help if you need it. Even if you can simply assign one family member to clean all the mirrors and TV screens in the house, that’s something.

If at all possible, start cooking early and freezing things.

Nothing will prevent the holidays from being anything but busy, but you can cut down on the frantic rush.

Listen to me handing out this good advice . . . and wondering if I can stick to it myself!

Relax. Smell the Christmas trees.

Charlaine Harris