Friday, March 23, 2012

Audio books just recorded for Deadlocked, the 12th novel in the bestselling Sookie series

God, I love Johanna Parker reading Sookie books - if you haven heard an audio book buy one today! Links to all them on the right -->

Live Oak Studio in Berkeley, California has just completed recording of the audiobook version of the hotly anticipated 12th novel in Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mysteries series, the inspiration for HBO’s hit series True Blood. The audiobook, narrated by Johanna Parker, will be released May 1.

Trubies rejoice: the next book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series (aka the Sookie Stackhouse series) is almost here. The audiobook of Deadlocked, the 12th novel in the bestselling series by Charlaine Harris, was recently recorded at Live Oak Studio in Berkeley, California. The book was narrated by actress Johanna Parker, who has also been the voice of all 11 previous Sookie Stackhouse audiobooks.
“It was such a thrill to hear Johanna narrate the new book,” says Priscilla Rice, owner of the suburban San Francisco recording studio. “I don’t want to give anything away, but this book is packed with the action and romance Charlaine Harris writes so well.”
This is the first of the Southern Vampire Mysteries to be recorded at Live Oak Studio. Parker was introduced to the San Francisco area recording studio when she directed Alice Walker reading the Color Purple there in 2009. She was impressed with the sound quality of the studio and the expertise of the staff, so she and her publisher, Recorded Books, chose Live Oak Studio to record Deadlocked.



Rita said...

I have all the Sookie books on my ipod
and love them,she does a good job doing
these books.