Wednesday, April 4, 2012

UK publisher of " Deadlocked" offers Chapter 1 peak: A Sneak Peek inside Deadlocked . . . .

I love the Sookie Stackhouse series. I’m an unabashed Charlaine Harris fan girl. I know there are a lot of others out there like me. We have our own club. There’s a secret handshake. I know you’re all dying to join (bad pun intended). We’ll be accepting new members from 1st May. (Yes, that’s an awful plug for the publication date of Deadlocked)

However, I, like many other Sookie Stackhouse fans, have felt a sense of longing over the last few books. I’ve wondered where this story is going. I’ve missed the old Sookie. Her trademark wit, humour and Southern grace have been subdued in the last few books, understandably, due to the crushing events in the previous books. I’ve tired a bit of Eric. Yeah, at first I was Team Eric, but now, I dunno. I’m not sure what Sookie sees in him. The constant manipulations, the unreliability of his character and his inability to understand her feelings and her mortality made me doubt him. Even if he is a scorching hot Viking.

As I was getting ready to work on the marketing campaign for Deadlocked I asked Gillian if I could read the manuscript early. I wanted to get a sense of where this book was going. I wanted to get my head around the best way to present this book to Sookie fans. I also wanted to find out what happens to create a trailer—our first ever UK book trailer— for Deadlocked. (I know! I’m excited to share this with you too!)

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Rita said...

I so enjoyed this chapter,and am so ready for the book.

Rita said...

I so enjoyed this chapter,and am so ready for the book.

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