Monday, November 24, 2008

New York Time Best Sellers List- Sookie books soar!

Paperback Mass-Market Fiction

1st# is the Ranking this Week on the NYT and the 2nd is the #Weeks on List.

#3 DEAD UNTIL DARK, by Charlaine Harris. (Ace, $7.99.) Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic cocktail waitress in rural Louisiana, falls in love with a bad-boy vampire.

#11 LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS, by Charlaine Harris. (Ace, $7.99.) A vampire asks Sookie Stackhouse to find one of his missing companions. 10

#13 DEAD TO THE WORLD, by Charlaine Harris. (Ace, $7.99.) Sookie Stackhouse’s vampire boyfriend has traveled to Peru, leaving her to deal with his amnesiac boss. 6

#14* CLUB DEAD, by Charlaine Harris. (Ace, $7.99.) When Sookie Stackhouse’s boyfriend is kidnapped, she goes to Mississippi to find him with the help of an undead Elvis. 9

#17 DEAD AS A DOORNAIL, by Charlaine Harris. (Ace, $7.99.) Sookie Stackhouse is drawn into the world of were-politics when a friend’s father tries to take over his local werewolf pack. 5

#18 DEFINITELY DEAD, by Charlaine Harris. (Ace, $7.99.) A New Orleans vampire queen tries to stop Sookie Stackhouse from looking into the past of her consort, who is Sookie’s cousin. 4

All the books and audio books are linked here to Amazon you can preorder the videos !


Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to find the books anywhere! No wonder! Everyone is grabbing them up so fast! I've finally ordered them off of Amazon! Something to do during the shows hiatus! Hurray!!!

" Dallas " said...

I have all the books, audiobooks and dvds( pre-order) linked up on the blog from amazon - order away!