Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Allyra wants to remind everyone to vote for Eric in the Eonline Alpha Male poll

Thanks Allyra, OK you guys help the Sheriff, Bill is out of the running so now we are ALL for Eric ! Vote early and often!! :)

Allyra says

Dallas ...
Eric is still on the running. And needs help. He is up against millions of LOST fans.

As a fan, may i ask for your help in spreading the word? I know that your blogsite is one of the most popular among true blood fans. And if they saw the link on your site, i'm sure a lot of true blood fans will participate and give their support to Eric.

Thanks so much

Here's the link:



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this!

Round Two ends on Thursday

And Round Three will run from Thursday (MAr.19) - Monday (Mar23)

True Blood Rules!!!

So far he's leading. 53.2%

Let's Keep the momentum going. VOTE VOTE VOTE

Anonymous said...

ERIC NORTHMAN made it to round 3!!!

Let's support him all the way to the finals


Here's the new link: