Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bloodsucking followup...

Alex at Collective(ly) Unconscious writes

Today I would like to re-visit something that I wrote about last year but have a whole new perspective on now. When I was blogging about the cultural trends and art forms from 2008, I wrote about our renewed obsession with the Vampire. Back then, I was trying to get to the bottom of our fascination with the fanged creatures of the night, but I had not yet seen two of the things I was writing about. Now I have seen 3/4 of True Blood and have watched Let the Right One In.

Back then, I cold only write about cultural perspectives and other boring things. But now that I have seen all three major pieces of Vampiric entertainment from 2008, I can write about what I really wanted to in the first place: the best vampires from 2008. Which Vamps were the most bad-ass in 2008? Here are the three Vampires in descending order of awesomeness.

3. Edward Cullen (Twilight)
Walks in the sunlight....immediate disqualification.

2. Bill Compton (True Blood)
Stephen Moyer's portrayal of this Southern vampire is interesting for a few reasons. But here is my favorite: there is nothing flashy about it. One would assume that when you are playing an undead monster, you would get to chew some scenery and act "big." But Moyer's Bill Compton is wonderfully reserved and calm. During an early episode, his character alludes to the fact that he never has to breathe. So naturally, I acted like a dick and tried to catch him breathing in every episode I watched after that. But Moyers passes the test. In every take I have seen, his chest never moves. Just because this isn't a "flashy" role doesn't mean it is a difficult one. This 30-something Englishman is playing a nearly 200-year old creature who ever breathes and has a Southern accent. And for the most part, Moyers has me believe that what I am seeing on screen is in fact, a 200-year old creature who never breathes and has a Southern accent.

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