Saturday, March 14, 2009

Robert Pattinson Does GQ to Talk Vampires and His Looks

I don't post much about Twilight because I haven't read the books, nor have I seen the movie. ( I know, gasp!)
I know someone of you are fans so this might be of interest

Robert Pattinson is, for millions of girls around the world, the perfect hottie. With his piercing blue eyes and always messy hair, and given the part that has brought him to the attention of the fans, that of a vampire in “Twilight,” it’s no wonder he’s the object of adoration for so many. Yet, as he tells in the latest issue of GQ magazine, this kind of attention was the last thing on his mind when he set out to become an actor.

Speaking with the magazine, whose cover and pages he graces, Pattinson reveals that the whole fame game rather frightens him – so much so that he’s the type of guy who is in the habit of hunching in the hope that he’ll pass unnoticed. This is rarely the case, though, especially after the immense success that “Twilight” has enjoyed. And, with two other movies from the franchise coming along (“New Moon” and “Eclipse”), chances are that things are only going to get worse from this perspective......

All in all, Robert Pattinson makes both for a wonderful appearance and an intelligent conversationalist. For the full GQ interview, please go here


Anonymous said...

gawd.. he's so beautiful. and he keeps getting better and better with time.

Anonymous said...

Twilight is Vampire Disney.

It’s a sickly-sweet kiddie romance where there's no blood and all the vampires are perfect and invincible.

For Heaven's sake, they SPARKLE in the sunlight rather than die!!

Twilight is a joke for little girls scared of a real vampire story.

You shouldn't put that rubbish alongside Sookie Stackhouse.

Anonymous said...

HAHA .. obviously you haven't seen any Disney movies or shows hahah TWILIGHT IS MORE COMPLEX AND FILLED WITH PURE AND INNOCENT LOVE ! STOP HATING AND WHO THE HELL SAYS VAMPIRES CAN'T SPARKLE ? VAMPIRES are fictional and Stephenie Meyer can do what the hell she wants and honestly Sookies vampires are just like every damn Vampire story ever written. THERE'S A REASON WHY TWILIGHT IS SO POPULAR !!!
I'M SORRY I LIKE THE SOOKIE BOOKS BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE COMPARED TO OR EVEN PUT near the Twilight series because the Twilight series has and will be better than the Sookie books !
LOL ... AT TWILIGHT BEING RUBBISH COMPARED TO SOOKIE BOOKS ! Come on your comparing nasty sex books to books with a story line.

Anonymous said...

The Twilight books are better written and yea of course you Sookie lovers are going to hate on Twilight ! Why do you guys hate on the series so much ? I've been on Twilight sites and they don't waste their time on hating or writing articles on other stuff other than Twilight. Maybe this site should just stick to Sookie stuff and not hate on other vampire series. And the first Anonymous what wrong with Sparkling vampires ? I'll take them any day over nasty gothic vampires.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's no secret that those last two commentators are no older than 24.

If you think Twilight has a better storyline than the SVM, you are out of your mind. Have you actually taken an English Literature class? Or have read a few distinguished books yourselves? The Twilight series was so transparent I could practically see through the book cover.

And yes, I have read the entire series. There were some good points and Twilight truly had SO MUCH potential, unfortunately with a mediocre author such as Meyer who is also more concerned about appealing to her teen fans than producing a solid book, you get the immature, no substance crock that is the Twilight series.

'Nasty sex?' If you are an adult you understand that sex is not nasty. Sex is a very real part of life, both romantically and when it's purely lust.

My only problem with Twilight mainly, is that so many young girls believe that the 'pure and innocent' love in the books is REAL, when it is surely not! Also, most of these girls love the helpless, damsel in distress story with a big strong man to protect them. That's all fine and dandy if that's what you like, but I'd like to hear someone who's OVER the age of 24 say that they enjoy the Twilight series over the SVM.

I'm still waiting.

slushygirl069 said...
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slushygirl069 said...

I go with the sookie books !
Im not even over 24 and i know better .

Dont get me wrong, i do like some bits of Twilight.
But the people and plot just piss me off too much to like the entire thing.

Sparkling Vampires ?
Really ?
And the ending , are you serious ?

Bella can not be compared to Sookie.
Do you think if Edward couldnt read her mind he'd be the slightest bit interested in her ?
The whole plot is based on an imperfect human girl falling inlove with a "perfect" vampire.
The only imperfection Bella has is that she's stupid .
She's selfish and narrow minded.
She does my fucking head in.
Sookie owns her anyday of the week.

Twilights for 15 year old girls who are still naive enough to believe in white horses and prince charmings.

Their vampires are cute, dont get me wrong .
Their sparkling bodies remind me of this Fairy cartoon my 3 year old sister watches.

Nasty sex ?
What are you, 5 ?
What do you think sex is ?
Playing cards ?
98% of the time you have sex,
it isnt in a candlelit room with rose petals scattered everywhere.

Im only 16 and i know more about sex than you.

Oh and the sookie stackhouse books do have a storyline.
Hence the 9 books.

Twilight threw fangs on a fairy and called it a vampire.

Twilight -> True Blood for pussys.