Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visit to Fangtasia and new photos from one of our readers !

We have the best readers and best community in the world ..our very good friend, island girl sent us her wonderful photos and little "visit-logue" from her Valentine's Day visit to Fangatsia. Thanks Islandgirl!!

Our friend Robiart sent us others recently HERE

Here are some pictures I took at Alex's Bar. Sorry they are so crappie, but my darling husband forgot our camera so we had to use my phone. The fact he had agreed to take his crazed wife to the bar in the first place was a big deal, so I really couldn't get too mad about it. ;) Lord knows what people were thinking while I snapped pictures in the restroom...."I take pictures of bathrooms, it's sort of my thing" :)

We copped a squat on a Ramones paraphernalia table and just hung out there for 5 hours!! The people were really nice! The door guy looked kind of sketchy but after I started talking to him I was pleasantly surprised!

I have to laugh, that after a few cocktails, my husband started to point out various places that parts took place, then after a couple more he was asking where Eric was :)

As we waited for our cab the bouncer was making small talk with me.
Meanwhile I am thinking "Ha Ha Pam...I got out!". I told him what a fun bar it was and how we just don't have this kind of thing in Utah...hell we don't have much here to speak of. He said "Have you ever seen that HBO show TrueBlood?" I said "I have come across it once or twice. It's based on a book series right?" Never mind the fact that it was the reason I was there, I have read the books three times, turned everyone I know onto it, check the blogs daily, my own kids call me Sookie and I had to change out of my Trueblood shirt I was going to wear to Alex's, because my Husband didn't want to be embarrassed!!! You just don't want to come across as obsessed, even if you are :) You can get more information that way! He told me they had been filming the month before. I asked if he had met any of the actors and he said no. I tried to get out why they were closed the next few days and all I got was that it was for private engagements. He was a delightful guy!

Did I tell you I sat in the chair that Mr. Moyer did when Long Shadow was staked!!!!! I will never wash my butt again!!! Well....theoretically anyway!

I was a really good time and the best Valentine's Day EVER!
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Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Dallas, I love this blog! You always post the best TB news! It is great to come to one place and find out everything you need to know about TB!

" Dallas " said...

Well thanks "S"

I'm glad you like it..I still just post stuff I'm interested in. It started as a place for me to put things that i was interested i and i've kept to that philosophy.

There are a million TB sites, probably one and 1/2 million as of today but I like to think LTBinD stands on it's own ...