Monday, May 11, 2009

Dead and Gone Time Line

OK, here is what I have for the basic outline for 'Dead and Gone'
Let me know what else should be on this as far a big events.

It looks as if the book action takes place over 8 day period, I originally thought it was even less time. What did I miss ?

Dead and Gone Time Line

Day 1
Afternoon Sookie, Amelia and Octavia at home watching TV
Sookie goes to work at Merlotte's
The night of the weres reveal
Sam gets call about his mother being shot, put's Sookie in charge and Sam leaves for Texas.

Day 2
Sookie goes into work very early and works 2 shifts
Bobby Burnham brings wrapped item to Sookie
She goes to Fangtasia 7 pm
Chapter 3
Ritual marriage with Eric
Leaves Fangtasia and goes home and sleeps

Day 3
FBI agents ( Weiss and Lattesta) come to her house to question her about Rhodes
Chapter 4
She gets call about Crystal
Goes to Merlotte's
Calvin comes to Merlotte's
Andy says the bar has to stayed closed
Chapter 6
She goes to Fangtasia and talks to Eric

Day 4
Chapter 7
Sam returns from Texas
Sookie goes to Tara's
Sookie works at Merlotte's
Niall comes
Chapter 8
Octavia's friend comes and she leaves
Sookie and Amelia visit

Day 5
Andy and Lattesta come to Sookie's house
Chapter 8
Visits at mall with Claude and Claudine
Kills Fairy Murray
Quinn comes -fights Bill
Spends night with Eric

Day 6
Jason comes
Chapter 11
She goes to Arlene's
Works later that night

Day 7
Breakfast Amelia
Remy calls
Wal-Mart to buy squirt guns
Calls Eric
Works Merlotte's
Chapter 13

Day 8
Tray poisoned
Jason comes with Mel
Sookie works
Mel confesses
Calls Bill from Tray's
Sookie is kidnapped

Day 9
In hospital
Claudine knitting
Sees Bill
Chapter 18
Battles, deaths (Tray and Claudine)

Day 10 ( 2 days later)
Niall comes to visit Sookie and Jason
Chapter 18


Mary said...

There is a day missing. Sookie is rescued on day 8. She wakes up with Claudine on day 9, learn Claudine is pregnant, Bill is also having his day sleep. Later on we have the battle with Claudine, Tray and Clancy's death.

Then two days later she is at home (day 10 and 11)