Monday, May 11, 2009

Stranger than fiction The hippest show on HBO originates from a garage office in Magno

From December 2008

MAGNOLIA - Directions to Charlaine and Hal Schulz's place in this southern Arkansas town are highlighted by a left turn on to a county road just past the John Deere dealership. Last house on the right, behind the pond. Watch out for the dogs.

They're yippers, though, not biters.

As Hal puts it in his e-mail, "It's almost exactly 50 miles from the exit off the interstate to our driveway." Or about as far from Hollywood as imagination allows. Left past the John Deere dealership. House behind the pond. Park out back. Near office in garage.

It's not exactly where you'd expect to find the woman whose work is behind one of the hottest, hippest, sexiest, weirdest, of-the-zeitgeist shows on HBO these days.
A show, True Blood, that, in its first season, was nominated this month for two Golden Globe Awards and is in the vanguard of all this vampiremania among book buyers and TV watchers and teenage romance readers.

from Arkansas online by Kane Webb