Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dallas celebrates the return of True Blood with a Contest #4

True Blood / Sookie Music

1.What is the episode theme song for at least 3 episodes of Season 1 of True Blood?

2.Tell me what scene in the episode at least one of the songs is heard.

3.Name one song, artist or just describe type of song Bill plays in his car, when he and Sookie go to Fangtasia.

4.Tell me one song or CD that is mentioned in the books , tell me book title and artists name

Email your answers to Dallas (
Put the Contest #4 in subject area !

Good Luck

Email: "Dallas " at Loving True Blood in Dallas

Here is list of available prizes ! HERE

SOME of these prizes WILL be offered everyday - NOT all the prizes.(we randomly draw 4 available prizes each day so all the "good prizes" won't disappear the first few days )

Each day (June 3rd - June 14th) there will be a chance for you to win a prize.
The entrants will be randomly numbered and the winner will be chosen by the Twitter character @TaraThornton each evening.

That days contest ends 12 (Noon) cst the following day

You foreign folks are welcome to play but if you win you will have to pay postage I can't offer to mail stuff internationally, sorry.