Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dallas celebrates the return of True Blood with a Contest #8 Sookie Books and Short Stories

Sookie Books and Short Stories

What is your favorite Sookie book ?

What is your favorite short story ?

Tell me the name of the next Sookie book coming out and describe it

Tell me the name of the next short story anthology and when it will be released ?

answer 3 of 4

Good Luck

Email: "Dallas " at Loving True Blood in Dallas

Here is list of available prizes ! HERE

SOME of these prizes WILL be offered everyday - NOT all the prizes.(we randomly draw 4 available prizes each day so all the "good prizes" won't disappear the first few days )

Each day (June 3rd - June 14th) there will be a chance for you to win a prize.
The entrants will be randomly numbered and the winner will be chosen by the Twitter character @TaraThornton each evening.

That days contest ends 4 pm cst the following day.

You foreign folks are welcome to play but if you win you will have to pay postage I can't offer to mail stuff internationally, sorry.