Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photos from the Premiere Of HBO's "True Blood"

Last night big premier of True Blood Season 2 in Hollywood

Thanks to Barb from ( for sending me this nice large photos of Alexander Skargard / Eric and you can look through 3 pages of shots here I'll post other sites where they are posted here too.

My favorite thing to do was see how many photos were mis-labeled with who was in the shot, see if you can spot a couple ...

HBO Presents The Premiere Of "True Blood" - Red Carpet
06/09/2009 - Paramount Studios
Los Angeles, CA, United States


lafemmetopaz said...

Great photos. Mr Skarsgard appears to look great with scruf and without.

Good lord that man is too sexy for his own good.

lafemmetopaz said...

What is up with Anna's navy blue long sleeved dress in summer time?

EIBBED said...

great pics of ALex.