Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mississippi biting : Character on HBO's 'True Blood' may make trip to Jackson

From the Clarion Ledger ( MS)

....."I am working with the writers now, and we are creating the story arch," said Ball by phone. "Yes, the story will take place in Jackson."

Jackson is the setting for one plot twist that Ball plans to incorporate next season. Sookie will travel to Jackson to investigate the disappearance of her vampire boyfriend, Bill. She'll likely check out a Jackson nightclub called Club Dead frequented by vampires and shapeshifters. And viewers will meet Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi.

Mara Mikialian, of HBO, said there have been no discussions about whether the show will film in Mississippi. Season 3 episodes haven't been written, but Ball said he hopes to capture the authenticity of Harris' books.

"I grew up in a small town in Georgia," he said. "I sometimes see a cartoon version of the South portrayed. The authenticity is certainly something we try to maintain on the show."

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Rita said...

With history and myth it is no wander
people love this area so much,at 63
not much i have not seen.But i know
there are things i will never see but
with Ms.CH i can't thank her enough
and Alan Ball for the show.Season #3
will bring the weres and Bill missing
and Eric and Sookie a little closer
this is one of my favorite books,one
of many can't wait until next June.