Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alexander , Stephen and Ryan graces the cover of Details magazine!

Thanks Megan for sending the scans !

More to be found here-

Stephen Moyer and Ryan Kwanten also are on covers see them here

read the article, The Men of True Blood here


Rita said...

I don't know why his hair had to be
that dark but he is so lovely any
way you look at him.

TeamEricSookie said...

What an absolutely delightful pic of Alex! He has a James Dean vibe going on. SEXY! Did you see the covers of Ryan & Stephen as well? What a lucky photographer to take pics of 3 of the best looking men on TV right now.


Sharon said...

It really is a James Dean look. Not only is the hair darker, there seems to be tons of it. And he looks a bit thin, but so gorgeous!

Rita said...

You know i never thought of that,but
Alex does look like James Dean,the
only difference James had blond hair.
But the dark looks good on him to.

linda said...

I think this is what they call a TRIFECTA!

Details Magazine scored and the photographer(s) did an amazing job with the TB men *drooling*. I'm still trying to recover from Stephen's photos being I'm partial to him, but both Alex and Ryan's sizzle. My only complaint is, where's Sam's cover?