Thursday, April 8, 2010

True Blood Season 3 new photos : Lucky 13 ! Enjoy!

The New York Post has a slide show with comments on who and what is in each photo..

Read here

You can click on these and save them to your own computer!

What do you see ??
what are you most excited about ?


Sharon said...

I just want lots of Eric and for the show not to stray too far from the books.

Rita said...

Sharon i want lots of Eric also,is
it June yet?

linda said...

Great teaser photos.
Sharon & Rita, Eric's looking good ~ any hair.
Franklin, another dark, dead vampire, love them!
Theo, another great addition to the male eye candy dish!
Oh, Bill you looks so worried!
This waiting does suck!


Lady Jane said...

Love the Pam pics