Friday, April 16, 2010

Christopher Moore's vampire spoofs a welcome respite

Before sinking molars into Bite Me: A Love Story, a skill-testing question from author Christopher Moore is in order:

The Countess Abigail Von Normal is: a) Emergency Backup Mistress of the Bay Area Dark; b) A Gothic hottie consumed by the banal hopelessness of existence; c) Not perky, but dark, complex and très mysterious; d) All the above, and possibly more.

And, of course, the correct response would be d).

Abby Normal, as our heroine refers to herself, is indeed much more. Abby, in the midst of breaking in red-vinyl Shankenstein platform boots, and her love-monkey, Foo-Dog, are all that stand in the way of a vampire cat called Chet who seeks to immerse swinging San Francisco into a blood orgy. Also in the mix are the adorable vampire love-unit of Jody, formerly in the insurance biz, and Tommy, a onetime Safeway stockboy with dreams of becoming a writer.

Bite Me: a Love Story is the third and apparently last in the series of Moore's vampire spoofs that began with Bloodsucking Fiends: a Love Story (1995) and You Suck: a Love Story (2007). Again, Moore proves he has few rivals on the humour-opus front with this high-larious romp that just might have driven the final nail into old Nosferatu's coffin.


linda said...

Thanks for the review, I have been looking at this and did not know there were three books in total. Looks like a fun read.


" Dallas " said...

Thanks to you 'Call' Buy it through my link , that helps me pay my costs to maintain the website!

linda said...

Dallas, I read my books on my Kindle (love it), but I do buy some books for my sister who's overseas and this series I will get for her via your link, she loves vamps too!


Mel_B_BOUNCE said...

YAY! I Love Christopher Moore! His books are GREAT! The Vampire books are fun, and if you have a sense of humour check out Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff Christs Childhood friend. So funny, it'll keep you up ALL night laughing out loud.