Friday, April 16, 2010

The vampires among us from Austin Weekly


Author Charlaine Harris thrills readers with an introduction to the supernatural world with the first in the Sookie Stackhouse series Dead Until Dark. The book introduces Sookie Stackhouse, a native to Bon Temps, La., where the supernatural is commonplace and gossip is a daily staple.

The townspeople gather daily in local hub Merlotte's, the local bar owned by none other than a sup (short for supernatural). Harris develops an enthralling story in an old-fashioned area where the people get an update into modern day events through Sookie's new social life.

Sookie, a waitress, is no stranger to the supernatural. Readers learn Sookie is telepathic and early in the book is considered crazy because of her ability. Sookie's difference gives her a clean perspective on vampires who have only recently come out to humans in the fictional town.

Bon Temps is almost the last place to get a vampire visitor in the form of a mysterious man, Bill, who arrives in Bon Temps and sits at Sookie's table expecting service. Sookie not only introduces herself to the vampire but spends her first two encounters protecting him from locals who want to drain him for valuable vampire blood.