Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some sizzling True Blood spoilers from creator Alan Ball

Alan Ball has a promise for True Blood viewers. The characters in his randy, violent, supernatural series aren't going to experience long-term happiness anytime soon.

"Here's the thing about happiness: It's great in our lives, but it's not really that interesting to watch on television," said creator Ball, whose series is about to premiere its third season on HBO on June 13.

Ball feels season three is "the best season yet." Along with the "fantastic core cast," several new regulars will be introduced this season, as well as a number of impressive guest stars, such as Alfre Woodard, who plays Lafayette's mother. Beyond that, "We are dealing with some new supernatural creatures. ... It has just been a really fun, exciting season to put together, and I just have really, really high hopes for it. ... I can't give anything away."

Well, actually he did give some things away ... like these nine spoilers ... (And between the spoilers you'll find most of HBO's clever posters.)

1. The Shifters and the Weres: This season will take us into "the shape-shifter world and the were world. They are two different kinds of creatures with a lot of similarities," said Ball. On the were side, "There are a handful of werewolves, the main ones being Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello), his ex-girlfriend Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan), [and] a couple of werewolves named Coot and Gus, who are Grant Bowler and Don Swayze."

On the shifter side, "Sam Merlotte [Sam Trammell] is going to meet his biological family. He is going to go on a journey to find his birth family and is going to be successful in that regard." Joining the cast is Marshall Allman, who plays Tommy Mickens, Sam's brother, who may or may not be a shape-shifter.

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