Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sookie fans like it when Sookie gets to have sex !

True Blood author Charlaine Harris: Readers like it when Sookie gets to have sex
Author Charlaine Harris, 58, writes the Sookie Stackhouse vampire mystery books that have been turned into hit TV series True Blood. The books detail the antics of telepathic waitress Sookie, her vampire boyfriend Bill and their various supernatural pals.

How did you start writing these books?

I wrote conventional mysteries for many years. I’d written two mystery series which had done fairly well but hadn’t got me to where I wanted to be. I had a thinking session and decided to write about a woman who was dating vampires. I hoped a mystery with supernatural elements and romance would appeal to a broader readership than just mystery readers.

Was it a struggle selling it?

That was the hardest part. Writing the book was a joy, selling it was very difficult. It took my agent two years. People didn’t know where to place it – it didn’t quite fit into romance, mystery or science fiction.

Did you think of abandoning the idea?

No, I had a taste of what I wanted to do. The change of scenario was invigorating. With mysteries you have to have a dead body, clues and a denouement, and I found the conventions restrictive.

What do the readers expect from your books?

They want vampires, of course, and don’t mind seeing werewolves and fairies too. The younger readers like it when Sookie gets to have sex but that doesn’t happen in every book.

You wouldn’t know that from the TV show.

No, you wouldn’t. That’s where Alan Ball [True Blood’s producer] and I have a different approach.

What are the other differences between the books and the TV show?

There are extra characters on the show. We had to bring the other characters forward because Sookie can’t be on the screen all the time. Alan’s very talented. I had several offers to adapt the books and feel I went with the right person.

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Sharon said...

I'm not one of the younger readers but I wish Sookie had more sex in the books. Of course, with Eric only. From what I've seen on various forums, lots of us older types like it when Sookie has sex. That shower scene in Book 4 and the scene when they get together in Book 9. Soooo hot!!!

And I have grandkids.

Rita said...

I am not a young reader either and i love to see Sookie have a lot of sex with Eric
only,all of her sex scenes are really
great bring it on.