Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vamps call it Josephine's, the weres call it Club Dead and in True Blood it's known as Lou Pine's Bar

I was most interested in the last trailer photos of Club Dead ...

Lou Pine's =lupines

1.pertaining to or resembling the wolf.
2.related to the wolf.
3.savage; ravenous; predatory.

Here is the description we get from the book:

I caught a glimpse of a street sign reading "Amite" as we pulled up to an awning that stretched over a deserted length of sidewalk in the outskirts of downtown Jackson. The area directly under the awning was lit with a brilliant and cold light. Somehow that length of sidewalk seemed creepily ominous, especially since the rest of the street was dark... "The vamp that owns it calls it Josephine's," he said, just as quietly. "But Weres call it Club Dead." I thought about laughing, but the inner door opened just then. The doorman was a goblin.


Rita said...

Well it ante Club Dead as it was filled with weres and i guess that means there
will be no dance.

Yclifer said...

Wonder why TrueBlood saw it best to change the name to Lou Pines. I think I like Josephine's better.

Chrisse said...

Somebody on the production team is awfully proud of themselves somewhere, lol.

Lou Pine's...lupines...wolves. Nyuk, nyuk. :)