Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Are True Blood Costars Mocking Skarsgård?

We know why the True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård is so hot (that Swedish swagger, deelish bod and nonchalant almost bisexual attitude), so why then, do some of his castmates poke fun at our fave TV vamp?

While at the Victoria's Secret What Is Sexy party last night at the W Hotel in Hollywood, only one thing came to mind when we tried to answer that question: because of his womanizing ways, of course.

"We do, we tease him," joked Skarsgård's Blood costar Carrie Preston. "In the makeup trailer we'll have all the magazines out and there will be photos of him with [a new girl] or some funny Q&A, so we have to razz him."

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Rita said...

I have to agree with Rutina that he gets
teased enough let him enjoy life and dating.