Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Acting is in Nelsan Ellis' blood

True Blood's resident drug-dealing, fang-banging Internet-pornographer/prostitute Lafayette can get anyone just about anything he desires.
And he has managed to do just that for Nelsan Ellis, the actor who plays him.
"I don't think my agent has to beg to get me in the room for an audition anymore," says Ellis, who can also be seen this fall on the big screen in Secretariat.
But playing such a wildly flamboyant character has caused some tension in his family. "They accept that I'm an actor and I can now pay my rent, and that's about as far as that goes," says Ellis, 32. "I don't necessarily think they appreciate Lafayette."
Ellis' mother hasn't seen the show, and only one sister out of "about eight (siblings), give or take," is a fan, Ellis says. "Lakeiya never misses an episode: She texts me before or after. I took my brother to a premiere and he sort of disappeared. I think he was a little embarrassed."


Rita said...

Don't worry about your mother not watching
your sibling is and alot of other fans are
so enjoy what you do.