Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Listen to Club Dead as a lead up to Sunday night True Blood Premier

Dallas is a huge fan of the Sookie audio books! I promise you will hear things you've missed in reading!

Audio Book Review: Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
By Charlaine Harris
Narrated by Johanna Parker
Length 7 hrs and 54 mins
I have made an annual tradition out of listening to the audio version of the next Sookie Stackhouse novel that serves as the basis for the next season of True Blood. Albeit a short tradition in its infant stages of only 2 years, I have enjoyed comparing the last 2 seasons of True Blood with their respective novels. True Blood Season 3 is based upon, or atleast begins with the premise of the 3rd novel in the Southern Vampire Series, Club Dead. I know, the show does not follow the book and I know that Alan Ball takes many liberties with one of may favorite stories. But I enjoy them both in their own right. I don’t compare them to disparage either one, I just like to be able to say “No, Eric’s maker did not meet the sun in the second book.” Or “No, Bill did not propose to Sookie in the books.” I just like having the knowledge of the differences.

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Rita said...

There is nothing like having audio books,
i have all the books on audio,it feels like you are listening to actual people
talking.I do have all the books to,ijust love both.