Wednesday, June 23, 2010

“Blood Work!” “True Blood” vlog 3.2: Beautifully Batshit

Andy and I are back with more disposable commentary on this season of True Blood! Did episode 3.02, “Beautifully Broken”, mark the return to all the batcrap Bon Temp craziness that we came to love in the first place?

(Computer says “yesssssss”….)

You’ll have to watch to find out! Plus, Whatever, Sookie!, our first Wolf Bag letter, and what might be a news flash about the whereabouts of one Bill Compton! Might.



Rita said...

This one is so funny,and i could not believe Brian went for Eric.Jessica is in so much trouble,i think that Franklin is
the one that took care of the body.Oh!
and the Andy interview loved it.Sookie
running to the woods was really dumb that
is how you get in trouble.But we all know
she will do something dumb again.Pam and Jessica will be buds before long.Lorena
i was hopeing the lamp was real but i really think it was just a wish is all.
Well till next week,see ya.