Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vampire Con's anti-'Twilight' stance: Go for the jugular

Hero Complex contributor Nicky Loomis is back with a look at a local event out for new blood in its second year.

For a couple of self-described “horror film geek freaks,” the idea to start a vampire convention came natural.

But as Wendi Mirabella, an event planner, and her longtime friend, Lotti Pharriss Knowles, a writer/filmmaker, set out to separate themselves from the current vamp-scape of pretty-boy fangers and TwiPhones full of Edward Cullen head shots – it left them feeling a little long in the tooth.

"It almost seems like there is a bit of vampire fatigue,” said Mirabella, the organizer behind the 2nd Annual Vampire Con, a Thursday-Saturday (June 24-26) film festival that celebrates the original gangstas of vampire lore – not the current breed who've perfected creating a good brood and, well, looking pretty.

Fang fatigue there may be, but with the recent "True Blood" Season 3 premiere (they've added sexy werewolves to the mix), and "Twilight's" third installment, "Eclipse," premiering June 30, there's no shortage of blood in this town yet.

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