Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cuddle up with a vampire: New vampire toys for kids " Vamplets"

While I was at Toy Fair in NYC a few months ago, I came across an adorable new toy for kids. Called Vamplets, these cute and cuddly baby vampire plushies each with their own names and personalities. Thanks to the wonderful people at KidStuff, I was sent my very own baby Vamplet to get to know! Her name is Midnight Mori who has a cute personal statement: “A demon in diapers, bossy and restless, a fanatical leader you don’t want to mess with!” She has an adorable little pink bow with a skull on her head, and cute skull and cross bones diaper. I was also sent a little bottle filled with “blood,” and it’s one of those fun ones that when tilted the bottle empties.
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