Sunday, June 20, 2010

True Blood Recap: Meet the Vampire King of Mississippi

Was it just us, or did the first five minutes feel like a three-for-one genre special? Bill flinging a bloody werewolf ear into the sky in a spray of blood? Ripped from the pages of horror movie. Courtly organ music as the vampire king rides in on horseback sporting a crested blazer? Tally ho, period drama. A naked, cursing were-man named Cooter? Okay, that’s classic True Blood. But consider the scene a good primer on what to expect from this episode — camp that veers into farce, mounting sexual tension, new faces, rapid-fire plot development, and a whole mess of histrionics. Oh yeah, and half our cast meets their new love interest! (Sorry, Lettie Mae, better luck next time.)
Welcome to Were Country
Even without the Masterpiece Theater soundtrack and the silk ascot, Mississippi’s vampire king Russell Edgington (played by character actor Denis O’Hare) had a good chance of being the foppiest dude in the Delta. Turns out he’s also the one that hired the biker crew to kidnap Bill.

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