Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Entries from our "Name the next Sookie book" contest!

Some more great entries from our "Name the next Sookie book" contest!

Dead by Death
Dead in the City
Not Yet Dead
The Slick and the Dead
Gratefully Dead
Sleep When I'm Dead
Dead in the Water
Dead to Rights
Dead Silence
Dead and Buried
Left for Dead
Wouldn't Be Caught Dead
Better Off Dead
Dead Aftermath.
Dead Letters
Dead Ringer
Secrets Of The Dead
All Dead Things Must Come To An End
Dead on Arrival
Time flies when you are dead
It ain't over till the fat lady is dead
Love is Dead"
Back from the Dead


Danielle said...

Dead Silence--how coincidental. Ryan Kwanten was in a movie called "Dead Silence".

Tifa said...

Has anyone submitted "Dead Reckoning" yet?