Sunday, June 6, 2010

Talk Blood TONIGHT !: True Blood Season 3 returns "Waiting has sucked show !)

We are excited to welcome all our returning wonderful co-hosts from last season !

The lovely @SookieBonTemps and I will be joined by Brian Juergens and Andy Swist from Camp Blood and Mark Blankenship from Huffington Post and Critical Condition and Meredith Woerner from We will also be joined by our newest member JefwithoneF who writes a fantastic True Blood Music column for the Houston Press. He'll give us his take on True Blood music and what we can expect for next year!

Sookie will update us on what will be going on with the Twitteratti of of the True Blood twitter world ! We will also take calls from listeners, so be ready to tell us how bad waiting has sucked and how you survived the wait. Join us tonight 9pm Central time !
The chatroom opens at 8:45 PM and the call- in number is (646) 929-0825


Rita said...

Dallas enjoyed the show last night,Brain
and Andy are so funny can't wait to see
their videos when TB starts,Mark is really
interesting,Sookie and Dallas you two are
some thing else.

Rita said...

Waiting sucks a lot,i have read the books
so many times and listened to my ipod to
the audio version so much my hubby and son
has ask if i had the ipod glued to my ear
and work on my little houses and look at all the videos and read every thing you put on but it does not stop the having to
wait so here we are back at the begining,