Thursday, June 3, 2010

Name the next Sookie Stackhouse book contest ! How about : "Time flies when you are dead" ?

**The suggestions are SOOO good ( I hope Charlaine is listening!) I'm adding more prizes!!! I'm going to add stuff from my #UltimateTruebie goodie bag from the event AND I'm adding a signed Charlaine Harris bookplate!

We know the title of the next Sookie Stackhouse book by Charlaine Harris will have the word " dead "in it, based on the way "Dead in the Family" ended what do you think the title of the next books will be ?

You can enter by posting in the comments your best guess at the title. Winners will be chosen by a fangtastic panel of experts !

The winner receives the TruBlood Party Pack 1) 4 pack of Tru Blood, (1) poster, (2) cocktail menus, and (25) branded Tru Blood cocktail napkins. How fun will that be to have for your watching party ?

Just post your best idea and watch the blog on Thursday for winner announcements !


Jenni Lou said...

It's kinda cute. If I'd known you could get more than one guess I would have had a few more goes! :p

Sean said...

Dead by Death

Who knows xD

Rita said...

Dead Ally

Danielle said...

If the plot takes her out of Bon Temps, especially to an urban environment, how about "Dead in the City"?

If not, how about "Dead Space"?

iamthehmic said...

A Drop of Dead

Leah said...

How about Dead and Wed? Everyone would love to read more about Sookie and Eric's marriage : )

ChristeneBfromLa said...

Is there just a blog where we can read the answer or do we tune in to the radio blog? Will you publish the winning title and winner?

Thought of some others:

Dead Ends

Wanted Dead or Alive

Tall, Dark & Dead --from CH herself -Clauding said it to Eric when she first saw him. "Hello there tall, dark & Dead"

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Keyse said...

Dead and Kicking (you know, if they get some shifter ponies...)

Birth of the Dead (for all of the babies!)

Beyond Closure and Death (lets wrap some stuff up!)

Wish you were Dead (how lots of bad guys feel about Sookie, those punks!)

" Dallas " said...

Yes I will collect all the suggestions and post them this weekend and I will post the winner's name tomorrow
You still have until midnight to post your suggestion!!

Jenni Lou said...

oh, well since we are allowed more than one guess.... :D

Better Off Dead (my suggestion from the previous entry)
Some Like It Dead
Dead Meat
Dead Man Walking
Not Yet Dead
The Slick and the Dead
Gratefully Dead
Sleep When I'm Dead

Gina Marie said...

For when they take that beach vacation - "Dead in the Water"
For when they have to go to court -
"Dead to Rights"

Also -

Dead Silence
Dead and Buried
Left for Dead
Wouldn't Be Caught Dead

linda said...

Revisit the Dead ~ the attic

First Love is Not Dead ~ for us Bill fans


Carrie said...

Dead Wrong
Dead to Rights
Dead in the Water
Dead Tired
Dead and Married