Thursday, June 3, 2010

#TrueBlood / Sookie Trivia Contest with Dallas: Questions 1-4

I always countdown the last days before True Blood season starts by doing a nightly trivia game on Twitter, please follow @TrueBloodDallas. I tweet these questions live between 6-7 pm central time -please join me then.

Below are the questions I've tweeted so far from Club Dead, the Sookie book on which True Blood Season 3 is based.

The #TrueBlood / Sookie Trivia questions asked so far:

1.) What car repair ( new part) did Sookie just have replaced in her car ? Bonus* what's the name of the mechanic who fixed her car ?

2.) What kind of tattooing does Chow have and what is the color of it ?

3.) What are the three rules posted on the wall of Club Dead ?

4.) What board game do Sookie & Alcide play ? What was the score ?

Email me your answers to enter the contest.

Email: "Dallas" @ True Blood in Dallas with "Trivia " in the subject area ! Or tweet me @TrueBloodDallas !

Need I say, there will be prizes!


Rita said...

Dallas! i love these,some times i get them
right and some times wrong i don't have
the books marked and it takes me for ever
to find every thing but enjoy it any way.