Friday, June 25, 2010

Russell Edgington's house in Mississippi is the fabulous Longwood plantation

From Club Dead

"The only place I haven't checked is Russell Edgington's compound--his mansion, with its outbuildings. It would be amazing if Russell were rash enough to keep another vampire prisoner in his own home. But he's been king for a hundred years. It could be that he is that confident. Maybe I could sneak in over the wall, but I wouldn't come out again. The grounds are patrolled by Weres. It's very unlikely we'll get access to such a secure place, and he won't invite us in except in very unusual circumstances."......

Then we pulled up into a driveway and stopped at a gate. A bearded vampire came up and peered in the window, looking at all the occupants carefully. He was far more alert than the indifferent guard at Alcide's apartment building. I heard an electronic hum, and the gate opened. We went up a driveway (I could hear the gravel crunching) and then we swung around in front of a mansion. It was lit up like a birthday cake, and as Eric carefully extracted me from the limo, I could see we were under a porte cochere that was as fancy as all get-out. Even the carport had columns. I expected to see Vivian Leigh come down the steps.......
Behind the mansion, there was indeed a smallish swimming pool, covered for the winter by a huge blacktarp. It had weighted edges that extended far beyond the actual perimeter of the pool. The tiny poolhouse was completely dark. I moved silently down a pathway created with uneven flagstones, and after Ipassed through a gap in a dense hedge, I found myself in a paved area. With my enhanced vision, I wasable to see instantly that I had found the courtyard in front of the former stables. It was a large edificesided with white clapboards, and the second story (where Bubba had spotted apartments) hadgable-style windows. Though his was the fanciest garage I had ever seen, the bays for cars did not have doors, but open archways. I could count four vehicles parked inside, from the limo

Natchez Democrat article about the TB filming

National Historic Landmark, Longwood is the beneficiary of the 2010 Pilgrimage Garden Club Natchez Antiques Forum.Longwood (Natchez, Mississippi) Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
U.S. National Register of Historic Places
U.S. National Historic Landmark
Mississippi Landmark Longwood in 2008

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What i don't understand is Dennis said
they work in a lot in Hollywood,so did they just filmed the out side part,but very interesting anyway.