Friday, June 25, 2010

A Taste of True Blood: Meet Peg Aloi

Since Peg Aloi recapped the latest episode of True Blood for us, I thought we should get to know her better. It’s also been a little while since we featured A Taste of True Blood contributor.
Peg’s A Taste of True Blood essay, “Night Is the Color of Blood,” is on the importance and meaning of color in True Blood, and it’s a fascinating read, full of things I had never considered about the show before.
Here’s her Q&A:
Who is your favorite True Blood character?
When a friend of mine in Florida found out I was watching True Blood, he texted me “Bill or Eric?” And I wrote back “Sam.” Then he texted back to say his wife also liked Sam, and then wrote “Moi: Lafayette.” I think he wanted to know who I thought was the hunkiest vampire — and I do think Sam is the hottest male character — but there are so many interesting characters in the show it’s hard to pick one. I enjoy Hoyt a lot, and also Jessica. Eric can be really funny, and I also love Lafayette. But if I had to pick one, yeah, Sam. Handsome, mysterious, troubled, and more than human.

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