Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sookie's genealogy as seen in True Blood S3 ep 2

What the hell ? How wrong could this stupid chart be ...???

This kind of ticks me off ( unless it's on purpose incorrect) because they are obviously setting up the reason for Bill being in Bon Temps, Sookie's unusual sparkly power, Sophie Anne's relationship with Hadley and  and we understand way before we see them in the books we will meet Hunter and Cousin Claudine in this season of True Blood.

The information in this is just incorrect even according to True Blood 

Problem #1 : Earl is not married to a Stackhouse, Earl's wife is Gran, who was Adele Hale. ( in a wider shot you can see Hale)
#2  Hadley's last name is NOT Stackhouse it's Delahoussaye in books
#3  Hunter's last name is also not Stackhouse it's Savoy

** of course Sookie's mother's last name and maternal grandparents are from True Blood and not found in the books

My genealogy work is found here
** I have never updated the Brigant fae familes since the last books


svmaddict said...

Sorry but I'll have to disagree. It doesn't say that Earl is married to a Stackhouse. If you see the full page you'll see it lists Adele as "Adele Hale Stackhouse". Secondly, I agree that since she was Linda's daughter, Hadley should not be named as a Stakchouse but with her father's name -on the other hand in the show they could have easily chosen to make both Linda and Hadley unmarried, thus their children could carry the mother's name. JS. If they chose to introduce Hunter now, and if the Queen & Bill -obviously- already know that Hunter exists (another difference with the books) Remy's presence is unnecessary...

Also, they've made another change that isn't obvious here but if you go back to season 1 you'll notice it: Adele never cheated her husband since her husband Earl was also telepathic. It's also his name that is circled too besides Sookie's. I think that in the TB universe Earl was a half-fairy and Nial is possibly his father?

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Sookie's mother's name is Michelle in the books. I think it was mentioned in the last book.

I'm curious to see how they do the show as far as Sookie's ability and her real grandfather.

Anonymous said...

svaddict: You answered MY main question, which was "Why is Earl even circled?" given that in the books Adele had her two children by a fairy. I actually hit rewind and pause on my DVR just to double check that he was circled. I don't remember her grandfather being telepathic in the first season, but I didn't start reading the books until after then, so I probably wasn't paying attention as much.

Tiera said...

i agree with svmaddict. all valid points... and i believe too since Earl's name is circled, he's part fairy.

Ginger said...

Wait...did they change Sookie's Grandfather's name on the show? In the books, Mitchell Stackhouse is Sookie's Grandfather, Earl is his brother.

Lindsay Jo said...

If you look at the scene again, you can also see a dash on the other side of Adele's name as though there's another man. Is it possible that this chart includes Fintan? Maybe they're keeping from the books that the telepathy isn't linked to the fairy blood and just giving her extra fairy stuff to... well... still not sure why they gave her the stupid glow hands.

" Dallas " said...

That's good that the Adele Hale name is there in a different shot, I hadn't remembered the new Michele info from the latest books but still seems like the hadley / hunter should have been correct

What does Grans says in season 1 about her brother in law ?

Yes--I didn't even address the fact that Adele's children weren't fathered by Mr Stackhouse at all..

I'm sure glad we are talking about this is just seemed mixed up to me.

send me screen shots and I'll put it up