Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A very special True Blood vampire Nazi dinner party

Meredith, Team Talk Blood Radio member extraordinaire's review of Ep2

The second episode of True Blood's third season was pretty heavy. Lots and lots of plot lines and new characters almost drowned the special Nazi vampire reveal. Almost, but not quite. Spoilers ahead.

Whew, this episode had a ton of junk in it. All of it was delightfully insane, but it was damn near impossible to keep up with. Thankfully, no matter how crazy things got, Eric's hungry vampire libido found a way to cut through the bullshit and hit you right where it matters most. In your crotch.

Pro: Some news: True Blood was renewed for a fourth season! Thank goodness our lives will all continue to have meaning.

Pro: Right where we left off from last week, Bill is ripping off the ears of werewolves with his teeth! Ah, Bill you maniac, you.

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Rita said...

Love her review,she hit the nail on the head.Don't like the Tara story line,hope it changes and Sam story line to Jessica
and Hoyt i want them together so bad.
Sookie is a smart person but in the books
she is not up on a lot of things so as
the series progress i would think she will
get some more smarts just give her some
time,and some time later we will get to
see why Bill is sent to Bon Temps,i hope
it takes a while though to get there.Andy
and Jason are a hoot they make a good pair.Terry,i just love his character
and hopehe and Arlene get together for
a while but we know Arlene is PG but i
just don't think Terry is the daddy,
some how i think it will be Rene.Well
done again Meredith way to go!

Unknown said...

The Magistrate also talks of vampires as "Supreme Beings" similar to how people involved in the white power movement consider themselves the master race their ideological views are similar. The King of Mississippi uses operation werewolf as the equivalent of Brown shirts were used in Nazi era Germany, and being that he is 2800 years old then would then that make him the Vampire the Nazi werewoman referred to in Eric's flashback.

Rita said...

Yes i did not address that part but i think you are right about that,i thought
that at the time as well,glad you thought
about it.