Friday, July 23, 2010

Exclusive: True Blood Star Carrie Preston Talks Arlene Fowler, The Emmys, One-Liners, and Previews the Rest of Season Three

In the slow days of Summer, TV brings us few gems to watch. But one of the most anticipated show every Summer is of course the HBO mega-hit True Blood.
Now in its third season, it keeps its audience sucked-in with its formula of humor, chaos, blood, gore, and sex.
Carrie Preston has been on the hit series since the beginning. She plays Arlene Fowler, mother and waitress at Merlotte’s. She recently talked to about the hit series, the recent Emmy nominations, and what’s in store for Arlene in the second-half of the season.
Adam: First off, congratulations to you and the cast for the multiple Emmy nominations for True Blood this year. How does it feel to be nominated for the first time in the prestigious “Outstanding Drama Series” category?
Carrie: The Golden Globes honored us from the beginning, but it took a while for the Emmys to acknowledge us in this way. I think historically, the Emmys have been reluctant to embrace fantasy, horror or sci-fi shows, except on the technical side of things or for casting or something like that (think Battlestar, X-Files, Buffy) . So for it to be in the best Drama category is a real testament to how well the show is respected in the industry.

Adam: Did you watch the nominations that morning with your husband Michael Emerson, who also received some big nominations? How did you two celebrate?
Carrie: We didn’t watch the nominations. We got a phone call from Michael’s agent, and then I went to the web to look at the whole list. We were pleased to both be in nominated shows for Best Drama, which is a first for us. I’m always proud of Michael for his much deserved acting nominations. He just got his fifth nomination, which is such an honor. We celebrated with champagne over a nice dinner with friends.

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Rita said...

You know i love Arlene but she is never going to learn and it will turn out very
badly just wander if she will turn out
the same as the books.