Friday, July 23, 2010

True Blood Vs. Mad Men

Discerning viewers divide into two camps when talk turns to True Blood and Mad Men. Which show can rightfully lay claim to being television’s best current drama? Let’s get ready to rumble.

The debate begins anew with this weekend’s return of Mad Men (Sunday, AMC at 10 p.m.). The sombre dramatic treatise set in the New York advertising world of the early sixties remains the darling of the TV industry, which is fairly impressive for a show going into its fourth season.
Running concurrently is the HBO drama True Blood (Sunday, The Movie Network at 9 p.m.), a moody supernatural drama about humans and vampires co-habitating in a steamy Louisiana backwater. Midway through its third season, True Blood is adored by critics and cherished by fans, even with the recent addition of werewolves into the dramatic mix.
True Blood and Mad Men have buzz, at least among Entertainment Weekly subscribers, and despite the fact neither is a ratings giant. True Blood averages around three million U.S. viewers, and a few hundred thousand viewers in Canada; Mad Men pulls in two million and change in the United States, and an untold number of followers here, since no Canadian network has picked up the latest season.
Both series emanate from a precious broadcast echelon - mostly that of viewers willing to spring for premium packages - and both are up for Best Drama honours at next month’s Emmy Awards (along with Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost and The Good Wife). But on a strictly categorical basis, which is the better show? This is the tale of the tape.

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evie said...

I love love love True Blood. But it's not a close call. Mad Men is one of the best series in television history. Nothing touches it.

Kimberly said...

I am totally in love with both shows... but to me, it's an "apples and oranges" kind of situation.

Maritza Fernandez said...

I 100% agree with Kimberly.. I just got into Mad Men ( watched all three seasons in 3 weeks preparing for season 4) They are both GREAT shows!! One brings wholesome goodness with a twist, while the other brings out the animal in us..

Maritza Fernandez said...
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Lafemmetopaz said...

I love Mad Men. I have since the first episode. For me, I love how Mad Men incorporates historical moments and how they effect individual lives. I love to see career choices of women and minorites at that time. The fact Peggy is ridiculed as the only female executive in the entire building. How Joan is the "office manager", aka the glue of that entire company. She knows everyone's job, how to do their job and where everything is, yet she's not even considered for a promotion or an executive job. She has put her dreams away in order to live the life society says she should. I see Betty Friednan's Feminine Mystique book(a feminist bible) coming to life before my eyes when I watch Mad men.