Saturday, July 31, 2010

Klaveno makes bad look good as evil Lorena on 'True Blood'

Wow, what a, um, witch.
Well, in this case, a vampire, actually.
True Blood actress Mariana Klaveno plays one of the most despicable characters on television as the centuries-old Lorena, who has a thing for her undead progeny and some serious jealousy issues.
"She's not the most likable character," Klaveno concedes. But, "I'm not as evil as Lorena. I know some people have a hard time making that distinction between myself and the character. I get recognized everywhere I go, so I think that just is a testament to how popular the show is. But luckily, nobody has booed or hissed or come at me with a stake. Everyone has been very lovely and warm and excited to talk with somebody from the show." 


Rita said...

While she is a great actress i feel that it is time for her to go end of character
and story line.Hope that she gets more
roles she deserves more.