Saturday, July 31, 2010

Michele " MaryAnn "Forbes 'True Blood' hits DVD

Popular culture is loaded with socio-political meaning, intended or otherwise. When actress Michelle Forbes is involved, it is often intended -- for the better. With her keen intellect and passion about politics and society, Forbes responds with enthusiasm to roles that offer layers of meaning. Even when vampires and serial killers are involved.

"It is never," she says from her Los Angeles home, "just a TV show." Her favourite small-screen, big-idea credits range from Star Trek: The Next Generation through Battlestar Galactica to Homicide: Life on the Streets, In Treatment, True Blood and Durham County. "In this day and age, television and film has such a massive impact on us."

What kicks off our conversation is the recent DVD release of two of these potent TV series. Both feature the strikingly handsome, 45-year-old Forbes as a second-season guest star.

One is the American-made True Blood, Alan Ball's lurid cult hit starring Anna Paquin. Vampires rule the sultry, southern U.S. town of Bon Temps. Metaphors abound, as always in vampire lore. Warner Home Video released True Blood: The Complete Season Two on DVD and Blu-ray May 25.

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