Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Southern Roots of 'True Blood'

TUNICA, Miss. - The HBO hit "True Blood" has its roots set firmly in the Mid-South. The vampire soap is based on a series of books by Tunica native, Charlaine Harris.
FOX13's Valerie Calhoun sat down with Harris at her family's Tunica home and for perhaps the first time, Harris opened up about what happened to her in Memphis that changed her life and the way she creates her female characters.

The dark world of 'supes,' as in supernatural creatures, is alive and well on the HBO series, True Blood. The fang-tastically outrageous show is based on Charlaine Harris' "Dead" series.
It is a world inhabited by vampires and werewolves, worlds away from Tunica, Mississippi where we caught up with Charlaine in her mother's home. It's a town where cotton was king and poverty was his queen until the casino industry took root.

"This region has long reputation for tolerating eccentrics," observed Charlaine.

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