Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'True Blood': Is this the best Eric's ever looked?

Everything looks better in the King of Mississippi’s mansion, including Eric, who donned this cashmere V-neck J. Crew sweater in last night’s episode. (Yeah, I asked HBO.) Now I would say my appreciation for this look was enhanced by my extreme dislike of his hair in the Viking flashback, but we saw the sweater first and I immediately swooned. Is this the hottest Eric has ever looked?



Rita said...

Well with his clothes on anyway,but!

linda said...

I do have to say Eric is looking extra fine.......and yes in the Mississippi mansion all the men, Bill in every scene, look to die for. (fun pun)


Sharon said...

Good one, Rita. I've got to agree. But my favorite Eric look was when he was standing naked in front of Sookie in the basement of Fangtasia, and he said "Even if he does have something I very much want." He looked great. And I like that tight black tank top he wears better than the blue cashmere, but it looked great also. In fact, I think he and Bill both look much better this season.