Tuesday, July 20, 2010

True Blood just vampire texted to say it loves you, motherf%*#er

Team Talk Blood Meredith talks about this weeks episode !

Curious about vampire texting habits? Of course you are. Watch Franklin speed text, Tara get smacked down by an actual wolf, sticky vampire burn face, and how to talk Cheetah all in one ridiculously over-stuffed episode of True Blood.

Wow, so that was a whole lot of nothing dotted by highlights of adorable Franklin Mott banter, culminating in about 10 minutes of pure, uncut, take it straight up the nose and into your brain insanity. Which is exactly how I like it.

This episode may have seemed like a mere a setup for the return of Sookie's magical light. But in reality, it was Franklin who carried this week's fun all on his narrow little shoulders. Meanwhile Tara got tackled by a werewolf, which was fantastically rewarding. And a bunch of other junk happened. But let me give it to you Pro Con style.

Pro: Talbot is clearly the stepmother to Franklin's fatheresque relationship with the King of Mississippi. It's a perfect blend of hatred, disrespect and catty undermining quibbles. I like this dynamic.

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Rita said...

Well while i liked most of what Meredith
had to say i found the Eric flashback
very interesting and enjoyed the set.
and can't wait for next week to see what happens and how they get out of all this
stuff.But ofcorse it all want happen in one episode.